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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Grasshopper Bars

 This used to be my favorite dessert in college. I think I went too far for the realistic look with everything lopsided and smudgy. I actually took the time to swipe down the syrup for the "just-cut" look.
Someone will appreciate it... I hope! (fingers crossed)

Next on my list will be valentine's cakes. Just to let you know, this has been on my list since last year (what a procrastinator!!).


  1. Ohhhhhh, they look divine! Would like to take a little grasshopper bar into my big mouth and gobble it! ha!

    As far as procrastinating, hey, better late than never. Susan

  2. Wow how appetizing I gain weight just looking at them!

  3. Your work is absolutely amazing! I'm blown away by this tiny food! Great work girl :)

  4. They look really yummy... ;O)


  5. I'm sooo hungry now! You should put a warning on top of your blog. They are absolutely perfect and totally realistic. Can't wait to see your Valentine stuff!

  6. No son de verdad?
    Pues si no lees el texto, te dan ganas de comertelos, GENIALES!!!!
    Feliz fin de semana
    besitos ascension