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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Baby got back.........ribs

How corny! Probably because of the corn dogs I made earlier...haha. But I did make baby back ribs and glazed them with honey barbeque sauce.

I also added my july fourth flag cake to the table- it is topped with blueberries and strawberries

yum yum~

I think this picnic table is becoming a july fourth barbeque picnic.

And for all of you who asked about the paper plates : a quick tutorial! All you need is the perfect egg carton. I will try posting a pic of the brand when I go grocery shopping next time, but if you look closely on the bottom of the carton, there are parts where it has contours that look like plates. You need a mini eye to find this- be crazy!


  1. Wow! is a great table, all like delicious! and very interesting the paper plates tuto! hugs

  2. My little bears would like to ask if you need help to get rid of all those yummy food. It's all their taste, that honey sauce caused quite a riot around here... LOL! Sometimes it's helpful to have an ocean between us... ;O)


  3. Wow! this foods looks so yummy. Your preparation is great. I think you will have a happy picnic with your family. I really like the food a lot :)

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  4. Delectable! They look absolutely delectable. Fabulous job. You are a true miniature artist. The cake is better than fourth of July firecrackers! Susan

  5. La mesa de preparacion es fantastica y esa carne tiene una pinta.....ñam.ñam.ñam
    besitos ascension

  6. oh those ribs!! Yum- I don't see how you could lose this contest- everything looks so real and so very, very yummy!!

  7. oh,i love your hotdogs,it looks so real.want to eat them:)

  8. Can I say summer could come now please! Your food is so delish! I want some right now with a slice of watermelon and some warm weather!