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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Petits fours

This is what I've been making for the past 3 days. One a day!
strawberry tart, mont blanc, blueberry mousse, chocolat chocolat

my new tile and the bread and mousse of the blueberry mousse :)

and a question to all the miniaturists out there...Do you use flash when taking pictures of your minis? I definitely need to get a lightbox, but not until I move. My pictures are so dark even in daylight! Help!!


  1. You can always use a photo programme like photoshop or free IrfanView for your photos. But I don't think they are dark.
    I like these little cakes!

  2. These look sooo yummy!! Very realistic!

    Taking photos - I'm not good at it, but I get my best results by -
    a. use a white background, and hold a large white card nearby to reflect more light onto the object - this reduces shadows too
    b. never use zoom
    c. always use macro
    d. tweak the pics in ZoomBrowser (or similar) by cropping, adjusting the colour and contrast, then saving them
    e. never use flash - I've never managed to get good pics from flash - if the natural light is too dark, then I don't take pics.
    f. mask sunlight with fine tissue or tracing paper taped to the window

  3. The minicakes looks delicious! I use flash depend of the photo... in mi horror house, there are pictures with flash and other without flash! you can clear photos with a photo programm (photo shop, corel, paint,...) where you can up brightness and contrast of the pictures... I usually retouch photos to make them look better, you could do the same .. kisses and I hope to have helped you

  4. I forget it! instead of taking pictures in automatic mode, you can make by increasing the ISO of the camera will not need to use flash and you have quality photos, is another trick I use my boyfriend for photos ...hugs

  5. Excellent!!! The minicakes seem to be real!!!
    Glad I have found your blog and thanks for your comments. The last photo is perfect and you can see how good you work!
    I don't use flash.

  6. What beautiful minicakes!! You're welcome to my blog. I never use flash for my photos but I have some problem to take pictures with natural light. But with a program like Photoshop I can retouch my photos. Hugs

  7. Thank you for joining my blog - that gave me the chance to find you! Your minis are fantastic - my "blog teddy" Flutterby is kind of strawberry addicted, I'm quite sure he'd got mad about your delicious strawberry tarts (lol). Your photos are fine, and I think sometimes you just can't avoid a little retouching. By the way, my English sure needs a little retouching, too, sorry for that (Long time out of practice).

    Greetings from Germany

  8. Your pictures look fine, maybe the screen of your monitor needs adjustments? You can take a picture of something colourful, and try the options of the menu of your screen to make the picture on your monitor look the same colours.

    I've heard (from a professional photographer) that the free programm Picasa is a very good alternative to Photoshop (I use ACD-see myself).

    And maybe your camera has the option to adjust the lightness of a photo. Most times it's a button on the camera with a +/- in a square next to it. Plus makes your picture lighter, minus darker.

    Personally I hardly ever use a white background. The contrast between the item and the background should not be to big. The camera works with an average lightness. When all is light, or all is dark, that works. But with dark things on a light background, the light will not be good for the items or the background. So for a lemon it's perfect, for a chocolate cake not. It's the same like putting something in front of a bright light: all you see is a black shape. Turn the light off and you'll see the colour and details that you could not see before.

    And if you can: take your pictures outside. You might think it's light enough inside, bt our eyes are so much better than any camera.

    Personally I think your pictures are just fine: I get so hungry from them, even knowing it's not real. They look too real for my stomach!