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Friday, July 30, 2010

Funny lettuce

I made lettuces today- and boy is it hard! First I started with a cane and FAIL! So then I started rolling the clay so the colors would blend in..............somewhat got the color, but not the texture is the problem. Does anyone know the perfect tool for lettuce texture? I used aluminum foil ( I know, I know, so stupid). This is a custom order, and it's not like I can give up now :( my client has been really excited about this and I can't let her down now!! OK enough for today.
P.S. the oysters are made of polymer clay :)


  1. Oh my goodness. I would have no idea how to get the lettuce texture. You are an amazing artist! The oysters look absolutely fabulous!

  2. It looks so real, wonderful job!

  3. I don't know how can you make lettuce texture, but I think lettuce that you made is so real, I like very much, the colours are perfect! You can see angie scarr's web, she makes food very good! hugs

  4. Tu peux prendre l'empreinte d'une vrai feuille de laitue ( faire un moule avec du siligum pate bleue et blanche).

  5. Los colores están perfectos. Con lo de la textura no te puedo ayudar. Iré entrando a ver los avances.Besos Clara

  6. O wow, gorgeous. It looks really real. maybe it was a hard job, but it is a wonderful result!

  7. sono rientrata da qualche giorno ;-)
    grazie per essere passata a trovarmi
    buon inizio settimana
    che precisione
    sorry but my English is bad

  8. Bravissima! I like your work with lettuce. Lovely textures and colors :o)