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Friday, June 1, 2012

June Goodies

In June (6/1-6/26), I will be holding a small promotion- with a purchase of $20 or more in my etsy or ebay shop, I will be giving out these band-aid and neosporin boxes. I believe mini people get cuts and burns every once in a while :) I usually have a box in my kitchen pantry (the kitchen is the most dangerous place).

I also wanted to share a feature Julie did on her blog : It's always exciting to read what other people think of my works! Her blog features other amazing etsy shops so definitely check it out!


  1. Bah! What a great promotion!!! Tiny people absolutely DO get cuts and scrapes (heck, my girls lose whole limbs!!!)

    Your stuff is just awesome!

  2. Son cosas que no deben faltar en ninguna casa!
    El resultado es genial
    Un abrazo

  3. What a clever idea... for sure miniature people get hurt sometimes, too!


  4. Great idea!:) They need help sometimes too!