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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Welcome to!

Hello everyone! I am back (it took quite a bit!) with a new address-
For the few posts, I will be posting up minis that I have been making since I last updated...
Thank you for coming back to visit my blog!
I have been wanting to make miniature candy boxes everytime I walked through the candy section in the target aisle- finally did it!

Maru found a new job- selling candy!

Closer look: I also made the candies to go inside the boxes.

Although this is not my favorite candy (can't stand the spice in licorice!) this is my favorite in mini. Real scale, 1:3 scale and 1:12 scale.

 This is my upgraded version of my s'mores prep board. Looking back at my original one makes me cringe...can I say embarassssssing!

I have been making some prep boards, and realized that I needed a lot of butter, eggs, and I made a baker's supply collection. But the genius I am, I took the photo without the sugar box...I guess that could be a "sweet" surprise for the customers!


  1. Nice to have you back in blogland! ;O) Your candy boxes are amazing!


  2. I love all the candy- and the baking set is fantastic!!! Happy Easter :)