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Wednesday, March 9, 2011


It's been a week since I've blogged! Here are some stuff that I've been making/keeping myself busy with.
short and sweet.

I made Mardi Gras Cake and Minnie Kitchen Pie for my American Girl customer, made some grapes, scones and Minnie Kitchen mix-n-match cupcakes.

I LOVE the pina colada cupcake. It's the one with the coconut frosting, pineapple slice and cherry topping.

I use polymer clay to make all my foods, and as you can see the American Girl 1:3 scale is HUGE (for me at least), so I got a pasta machine to knead my clay! YAY! no more arm falling off! Will update with that in a different post.


  1. My gosh, you have been keeping busy. Your new creations are just as spectacular as all those who came before them. You are a suberb artist.Hope your day is great today. Susan

  2. woo hoo- congrats on the new pasta machine! Everything looks so wonderful- love the colors of the cupcakes :)

  3. Everything looks so delicious and colorful!