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Monday, May 28, 2012

Italian Deli shop progress...

I have had some progress on my shop after reading many supportive comments! I made a cheese shelf and a ham "hanger" shelf, and also made some italian meats while I was MIA from blogland. Here are some pictures:

prosciutto, salami, capicola, chorizo and a garlic braid

The pictures are horrible- the lighting and the shelves creates so many ugly shadows :(

I am wondering what to display in the display windows.......any suggestions?


  1. This looks fantastic--very realistic already! I'd look at Google Images under "butcher shop window" for ideas. Looking forward to seeing more. :-) Jennifer

  2. Hi MinnieK,
    Great job! You did some fantastic and very real looking pieces. Many of the Italian shop I see usually have a bit of everything in their windoew: Cookies, Panettne, pasta, imported canned goods...
    Pretty much anything works.
    Have a great day,

  3. Fantastico lavoro........viene voglia di mangiare tutto!!!

  4. So the real meatware! I look forward to the store will look like when completely finished! Perhaps the name "Don Pepe"? :)

  5. Beautiful!
    You can add other types of food like a real Italian shop.
    Bye Faby

  6. The meat shelves are fantastic. Excellent work!
    Hugs, Drora

  7. Hello from Spain: congratulations on your new creations. It looks real food. You can add to your store a few pieces of pastry or bread. A great job!. Keep in touch.

  8. You are a true master at miniatures.. Looks like the real thing to me.. I also think pastry or bread would be wonderful.

  9. Hello Minnie :) Wonderful work! So very realistic!!! I agree with Plushpussycat, try to Google some images of butcher shop windows to get an idea of the "flavor" of the scene. When you've come up with a name for the shop, you also might want to letter it in in gold and black lettering at the top of the window? And maybe design and print a few teeny tiny flyers to "paste" in the window? Our local butcher shop posts small paper flyers in its window promoting local carnivals and other events.

    Maybe put cheeses on the other shelf? Some huge wheels of Parmesan, blue cheese, and other cheeses that come in those large rounds to complement the large sizes of the meats on the other shelf? With a slice of two cut out of the cheese wheels to show texture too?

    You have done a splendid job so far with this! Many, many cheers and hugs! :)