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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Macho Nachos

We had nachos a couple of days ago, so decided to make one in mini. Everytime I eat something, I think: "hmmm... I wonder how long this would take to mini". I'm sure all miniaturists think like that!
guacamole, sour cream, black olives, jalapeno, onion, tomato, cheese, beefy bean

My hubby doesn't really like the dime....any suggestions for comparison pics? (something I have at home please~)


  1. Guacamole y jalapeños! me encantan!
    Te han quedado idénticos.
    Sobre el "dime" para mi al menos no sirve como comparación, no conozco los dimes!
    En alguna parte ví un trozo de regla, preciosa, especial para las fotos de miniaturas.
    Un abrazo

  2. Fabulous plate of food! I don't think it's necessary to show anything else in the photo - we know it's tiny! (unless you're selling it and then it's so realistic someone might be confused!)Gill x

  3. Yummy! And I like the dime.

  4. They look so realistic - that dime is absolutely necessary to remind me that this is nothing to really get my teeth in... (LOL). Tell your hubby if he doesn't like the dime he shall get you a Krugerrand for showing scales... ;O)


  5. PERFECT! Love them. I think having the dime nearby is great....shows how tiny they really are. Keep it! Susan

  6. what I did was use a mini ruler and glued a penny to it so that I could show scale so everytime you see one of my creations you're looking at a penny glued to a ruler :)

    hugs Marisa

    PS. I love your nachos

  7. wonderful!!!! I'm hungry now- is nachos for breakfast a bad thing? I like when people use money for scale too- gives you an idea of how small your work really is :)

  8. Hi. Have you thought of using a ruler? Since we all from different countries with different currencies, a ruler would be more standard for all of us to see the actual size. Just a thought...