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Monday, February 28, 2011

Cheese and Dried Fruits

I made some dried fruits - prunes, dates, apricot, mango and pineapples

I personally love how the pineapples turned out. Maybe I should gloss the prunes...

I finally got my lazy butt to make a cheese board! I still need to make figs, crackers and olives for the deluxe board. So much to do, so much time, but so little motivation. Someone motivate me!


  1. motivate you...hmmmmmmm......what's good motivation?? Does it work if I say you can have cheesecake when your work is done? Or, how about you can go outside to play when your work is done? How about doing some exercise- for some reason, as much as I hate doing it, after I exercise I am really motivated- it's when I get the most work done! Personally though, I like the cheesecake idea :) Your fruit is incredible! They look so real- but your work always does ♥ Are you going to build a house for your new sweet little doll?? I'll go back to work now and stop clogging up your comments :)

  2. Once again I am amazed at your ability to create such lifelike food. If it was not for the coin I could have sworn it was real. You are just great.

  3. Hummmmm!!! rico,ricooooo!!!

  4. Fabulous attention to detail - lovely work that is a credit to you ;)

  5. Absolutely incredible! They look just like the real thing! I cannot even imagine how tiny they must be, next to that dime. My GOSH, the pineapple are fabulous...all of the are....what did you make the cheese board from? You are SO TALENTED! Susan